Safety regulations related to dogs

The regulations below will apply from January 1, 2024


1. Among pets visiting Ramada Hotel & Suites Seoul Namdaemun, only small dogs (up to 10 kg) are allowed and must not have any contagious diseases.

Dog-friendly room types : Deluxe Double (standard occupancy: 2), Premier Twin type (standard occupancy: 3)

Rooms are limited, so please contact us before making a reservation.


2. One dog is allowed per room. Up to two dogs are allowed, but a disinfection fee of 50,000 won per pet per night is incurred.


3. If a dog exhibits excessive barking or aggression toward other dogs or people, or causes persistent discomfort, anxiety, or harm to other guests, the dog may be asked to leave without a refund at the discretion of the hotel.


4. To use the room with your dog, please register your guarantee card at check-in.

If the interior of the room or items are damaged due to your dog, an amount of 300,000 won will be deducted from the guarantee card you guaranteed for waste disposal fees and the cost of purchasing damaged items.

Dogs often urinate or poop in public spaces. To prevent this, be sure to transport your dog in a carrier.

Dogs often urinate or poop in public spaces. To prevent this, be sure to transport your dog in a carrier. If your dog defecates in the hallway, a cleaning fee of 300,000 won will be charged to the card you vouch for.

The hotel will charge you for any maintenance or special cleaning required due to your dog.


5. Dogs must never be left alone inside or outside the room.

Hotel staff is not responsible for accidents or loss of companion dogs due to the guardian's negligence.


6. When a staff member visits your room your dog must be kept in a cage or on a leash for their safety.


7. Dogs are strictly restricted from public spaces and must be kept on a leash, held in an arm, or caged in public areas such as lobbies, hallways, and elevators.


8. Please clean up your dog's excrement immediately.


9. Guests staying with their dog understand that they are responsible for all of their dog's actions within the hotel.

You must promise to compensate for all actions (lawsuits, damages, damages, costs) for death, injury, or property damage caused or related to your dog.


10. Please contact the front desk 10 minutes before check-out to check the room condition.


These rules are established for the safety and convenience of guests staying at Ramada Hotel & Suites Namdaemun.

Please Show your responsibility and consideration.

We ask for your cooperation in maintaining comfortable living and privacy within the hotel.

Thank you